Head chef Gary Tunstall will delight you with his flavours from around Asia

  • bringing the flavours of the british game season into the Asian art form of cooking with skill and passion with every dish.


A flavour burst with each bite

Sample the delights of south east Asia with a british twist

a classic east meets west style of food, with the influence of the Far East mixed with the british game season to bring you a unique taste experience

Bringing the Game to You

Mongolian beef with blue pea flower rice and sautéed Asian greens

By taking british game and taking it on a trip around asia to bring you a unique take on classic style of cuisine 

Head chef

Seared wasabi tuna on a bed of sweet soy noodles

After 20 years of Of cooking in restaurants and hotels, it was time to release my own brand and style and Vision to the people

Making dumplings from scratch

A short demonstration on how to make fresh dumplings from start to finish